There are variety and the vast amount of records to study the history of Islam and it’s concept. The pious life of The Messenger of Allah Ta’ala and Our Beloved Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has played a great role in creating the history of the Muslim religion Islam.

Let us began by clarifying that for us Muslim religion Islam is not the name of some unique faith presented for the first time by Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who should. On that account be called the founder of this Muslim religion Islam.

The Qur’an makes it abundantly clear that the Islam – MESSAGE OF ISLAM

The complete submission of man before God is the one and only faith consistently revealed by God to mankind from the very beginning. Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Christ – prophets who appeared at different times and places all propagated the same faith. They were each reiterating in the faith of their predecessors.


Belief in the hereafter divides people into three distinct categories – MESSAGE OF ISLAM

  1. First, there are those who do not believe in the hereafter and regard life on this earth as the only life. Naturally, they judge good and evil by the result which manifests themselves in this world. If an action produces beneficial results it is good, and if it brings about the harmful result it is evil. Quite often the same action is regarded as good when the results are good and bad when its results are bad.
  2. Second, those people who do not deny the thereafter, but who depend on the intercession or atonement of someone to absolve them of their sins. Among them, there are some, who regard themselves as God’s chosen people, who will receive only nominal punishment, however, grave their sins. This deprives them of the moral advantage which they could have derived from their belief in the hereafter. As a result, they also become very much like the people who deny the Hereafter.
  3. Third, are those people who believe in the hereafter in the form which is Islam presents it. They do not delude themselves that they have any special relationship with God, or that anyone can intercede on their behalf. They know that they alone are responsible for their actions. For them, the belief in the hereafter becomes a great moral force. A person who has the conviction that he is fully accountable for all his actions.
  4. Finds a permanent guard, stationed within himself, who cautions him and admonishes him whenever he deviates from the right path. There may be no court to summon him, no policeman to apprehend him, no witness to accuse him, and no public opinion to press him, but the guard within him is ever on the alert, ready to seize him whenever he transgresses.
  5. The consciousness of this inner presence makes the man fear God even when he is all by himself. He discharges his duty honestly and refrains from doing anything which is prohibited. Should be succumbing to temptation, and violate the law of God, he is ever ready to offer sincere regrets and to enter into a firm contract with the future that he will not repeat the mistake.
  6. There can be no greater instrument of moral reformation or any better method to help man to develop a sound and stable character. It is the hereafter which helps man, under all circumstances, to conform to God’s scheme of permanent values. It is for this reason that Islam attaches great importance to the belief in the hereafter, and without it, even the belief in God and the Prophet is not sufficient for man’s guidance.

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